Intrinsic Design Methow Valley: Shadow House


Intrinsic Design Methow Valley is interested in designing homes that areĀ inspired by the cycles, seasons and landscape of the North Cascades where we live. Below are links to our most recent projects and homes currently under construction.

Methow Valley Spring 2020

Methow Valley Home Design

Methow Valley Home Design:
Designing a home for the Methow Valley always start with several visits to the site in order to find the essence of the land and identify its most prized traits.

Intrinsic Design: Shadow House 2020

Pine Forest Shadow House

The Pine Forest Shadow House is a modern, shed-roof cabin and the owners consider it an architectural sculpture in the Methow Valley.

Intrinsic Design Red Dog Guest House

Red Dog Guest House

The Red Dog Guest House is a project that seeks to bridge modern and traditional design while bringing beauty and added utility to a property in the Methow Valley.

Lucky Star

A tall bumped out central living space adds interests to the simple form.