Responsible Design

Roof Top Solar Panels are a great way to Net Zero your homes energy consumption.

Responsible Design means creating buildings to help protect our environment and an equitable future for the generations to come. Every building impacts our energy use for decades. In light of that, we feel it is our responsibility to provide the highest energy efficiency buildings with the lowest possible embodied energy. Intrinsic Design has the education and experience to bring responsible design to your building project.

  • Passive House building strategies – We incorporate PHIUS builiding strategies to create high energy efficiencies to lower our energy consumption needs
  • Net Zero Buildings – We incorporate the onsite production of operational energy into the design. This means we seek to provide all the energy the building uses in each year, onsite, with solar energy collection.
  • Lowering Embodied Energy – We seek out materials and building strategies that carry the lowest carbon footprint possible. Ideally we create a building that can capture carbon in it’s body rather than create it.

The Passive House Principles