About Intrinsic Design

Intrinsic Design Methow Valley

Our homes are our connection to place.  Intrinsic Design designs homes and businesses that are inspired by the cycles, seasons and landscape of the Methow Valley.  Our concepts are rooted in more than twenty years of living in and studying this amazing valley and its unique culture of architecture.  Our background in sculpture ensures that your building will sit beautifully on the land while satisfying your need for a unique home.

Intrinsic Design is a small building design studio that aims to create quality custom homes suited to the rugged environment of the Methow Valley.   Buildings in the Methow need to be able to handle hot summers with the threat of wildfire and cold winters with heavy snowfall.  They should provide the occupants with comfort while taking steps to walk lightly on the landscape and on the environment.  We seek to  incorporate energy saving technologies and site specific fire protection. Helping clients create environmentally conscious homes is a priority.

Our hope is that our designs invoke a sense of calm and are viewed as a part of the landscape rather than being an intrusion on that landscape.  The intention is to find a balance with the land, to create buildings with mindfulness and look to give back some of what the land so graciously gives. 

Intrinsic Design is also dedicated to delivering the client great design that meets the clients budget.  A decade of hands on building with a one of the best custom contractors in the Methow Valley provides us with an insight into the nuances of the costs that are embedded within the design.  We know where costs are incurred and can mitigate those to help stay within the clients budget.

About Jeremy Newman and Allison Ciancibelli

Jeremy and Allison moved onto a raw piece of land in the Methow in fall 2000. Life in the Methow started in a yurt and together they launched a successful glass blowing studio from the old hay barn on the property.  More than a decade of showing their glass in galleries nationwide provided them the opportunity to stretch their creative capability to the limit.  Their glass sculpture are a part of the collections of the Newark Art Museum, corporations and private collections globally.

They started Intrinsic Design in 2019 with a desire to bring their creative energy to the goal of designing homes and businesses with a deep environmental consciousness. They are raising two amazing young women and love to take care of the small farm they call home.