Lucky Star

The Lucky Star Project is a family sized home tucked into a neighborhood in the heart of Winthrop. It’s quiet yet austere earth tone color palette helps blend it into the surrounding homes while giving it a look of permanence and quality. After a thorough site review the need to embrace the beautiful view behind the house, while creating privacy from the street and neighbors, became the first design goal. To accomplish this the street side of the house is kept low to the earth and the windows are minimized to give the occupants a feeling of privacy. The back of the house is tall, filled with windows and the roof is extended to create an outdoor patio space to relax or entertain.

Street side landscaping by Plantas Nativas East enhances the earth tone aesthetic


For the siding, we used a mix of rough stained wood, cement clapboards and rusting steel panels to break up the different volumes of the building and bring variety to its forms. The center of the house is raised higher than the wings to create a tall central living space and add extra dimension to the exterior. The front door is purposefully given a bold earthy red tone to project warmth and a sense of welcome for the owner and visitors alike.

A mix of siding materials and colors adds an artistic touch

While the front of the Lucky Star Project is quiet and private, the back of the house faces a wonderful small backyard full of green trees and a wide seasonal creek. We took great advantage of this scene and opened up the back of the house with high rooflines, tall windows, sliding glass doors and a beautiful covered patio. The patios are clad in deep grey pavers that lend a beautiful pattern to the usable surface while allowing water to penetrate. A private, calming space filled with nature gives the residents a place to sit and relax or gather friends and entertain. A perfect, in town, getaway space.

Private patio space overlooking a wide creek. Big windows on the back of the house to let in lots of light while keeping privacy a priority.


The interior is bright and filled with light from the well placed windows. Views to the outside were carefully aligned and framed with windows in each room. Considerations for privacy with regards to the closely spaced neighbors was a priority and window size and placement reflects this decision as well. The interior design pulls from traditional aesthetics as well as a modern sensibility. Intrinsic Design offers interior design help too. We would be happy to help you put all the elements of a great interior together to finish of your ideal home.

Tall ceilings and plenty of windows to bring in light enhance the living space. The view of the trees out the rear of the house help you forget the in town location.
Mixing modern design elements with traditional materials in the kitchen

A master suite with a built in desk and a private door to the patio help create a place for privacy in an other wise modestly sized home. The two single bedrooms on the far side of the living space share a full bathroom. An entrance from the carport leads directly to a mudroom/ laundry to make arrival from outdoor adventures quick and easy. The attached carport features a big gear room ready to store away the adventure toys. Oh yeah, a dedicated ski tuning bench is also in the carport to help you dedicated skiers get ready for the day!


  • 1589 sq ft of Living Space and 400 sq ft of Carport and Storage
  • 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath
  • High Efficiency Heat Pump
  • Metal Roof with Snow Breaks
  • Propane Stove
  • In town water and sewer
  • Mixed wood, cement board and rusting steel siding
  • Quiet street side presence
  • Open light filled back windows with private backyard patio